Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holiday Boutique!!!

"Valentine Decor" is featured at another Boutique coming up and it's a little closer this time!! My mother-in-law will be there selling her fabulous "Designer Inspired Purses" you all ask about and some totally cute "Girly Bubblegum Bead Necklaces!" All these are great gifts for the Holidays! Hope to see you all there.
*Bring a copy of the flyer with you and receive a 10% off your order and be entered in a drawing for a board of your choice!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Decor and other orders!

*Here's a quick peek at some of the Christmas Signs for Valentine Decor. All of these signs will be featured at our upcoming Boutiques. We have 3 more in October and 2 in November. If you'd like to host a party and earn free Decor then send me an email. :)*
*I promise to have all my pictures/signs finished and up to date before Halloween. I will also have a complete list of pricing on all products. If you have questions about a specific board or want a custom order feel free to email me at

Christmas Giveaway in 2 weeks!!!

"Stocking Holder"
A wooden Stocking Holder is so perfect for us Arizonans who lack a fireplace mantle. As you can see this one's still in the works too but I wanted to give you a sneak peak at how darling this is going to be. It's a rather large/sturdy piece of wood that's finished with a green crackle and distressed edges with cute Christmas accents and an embellished wooden stocking, complete with jingle bells and classy red crystal knobs. *the number of knobs depends on how many stockings you're going to hang*

"Season's Greetings"
Distressed board with cute little snowman in the corner, written in classy gold vinyl with a darling green striped wire ribbon hanging it.

Here's the adorable Santa...not quite finished...adding a few last minute touches but just wanted to make you aware that it wouldn't be Christmas w/out Santa!

"Reindeer Poop" jar
Glass jar with screw on lid and Green Holiday bow and writing in red vinyl. These are so easy to mix and match the sayings and colors. They can be personalized for any occasion. I love putting chocolate chips or M&M's in them. *jar is included just not the sweets*
"Let it Snow!"
White distressed board w/ Cute little snowmen and a sparkling snowflake with the writing in red vinyl *can also have wire added to hang it*
"Joy Blocks"
They come in a set of 3 w/ cute holiday paper on red wooden block and coordinating ribbon w/ Red jewel in the center of the bow-(sorry not pictured b/c I'm not too good w/ the camera) and writing in red vinyl.
"Happy Holidays"
Distressed board with cream crackle finish and a pear arrangement with writing in red vinyl and red wire hanging it.

These are some special orders I did for a few people!

This "I love you to the moon and back" was for a Grandmother from her grand kids! So cute and special!
These next 3 are for a family who wanted "Do Hard Things" for each of their kids rooms. Same quote...many different styles!
Another style of "boo" board!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Alright ladies!! Girls night out Boutique!! Come have some fun and do some shopping. Valentinedecor will be a featured vendor at this boutique with cute vinyl signs for everyday home decor and seasonal decor to spruce up your homes for theHolidays!! So mark your calendars...grab your girlfriends and come shopping!!

* cash or check accepted*
*ps...if you bring a copy of this flyer you will receive 20% off any order from Valentine Decor
*if you post this flyer on your blog you will receive 10% off any order from Valentine Decor

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

ok maybe not in AZ but Christmas is right around the corner. It'll be here before we know it and guess what that means...Christmas Decor!! I know right!...Don't you just get all excited like a kid in a Candy store! There will be another giveaway for more "fall" items coming next week and then the Christmas stuff will be out! Keep checking back for more items to'll be worth it. :) Also, there are going to be some boutiques coming so keep your calendars open!

ps...If you'd like to order some Halloween stuff and have them within the next week, please leave a comment or email me at ASAP so I can get them finished in time for you to decorate before the 31st! Thanks-

pss...any custom orders can also be placed 24/7! I never sleep...;) and usually take 7-10 days as well. If you want something and aren't sure what it is or don't know how to decided...just ask...I'm here to help and have LOTS of choices!!!