Friday, August 26, 2011

Recent Projects

Here are some project I've done to my own home to spruce up my kids playroom!

So cute in red vinyl above my kids playroom window

Every kid needs a few rules to follow!! This is a cute and unique way to display some of your own house rules.
Aqua distressed board with red vinyl

This was a house warming gift for a friend's playroom. These seem to be the big hit right now!!

"Together" saying added as the finishing touch to a home remodel! Great way to show case her love for her family to all her guests.

Here are a few misc projects...

Add LG. numbers to the outside of your door for a little character and easy reading. It makes finding those hard to see address numbers in the dark much easier!
Perfect gift for a beloved Family distressed board with cream vinyl

Cream distressed board with chocolate brown vinyl...

Great gift for your loving Mom's...doesn't have to be Mother's Day for her to get a nice present
Black distressed board with cream and white vinyl

"Chocolate" is the perfect food group in for kitchen
Black vinyl

Here are some fun ideas to use your Kids names around the House. It's easy, inexpensive and a cute way to personalize their space.

Antique Frame around your little Princesses name!
I know my Jayne is the Princess in our home.
$25 for the frame
$30 for the finished frame w/ lettering
$10 for the lettering

This was a simple way to add a little touch to their bedroom doors.
$3 for any kids names

These boards were made for 3 sisters who had just moved to a new house. You can transform any name with flower and feathers! What girl doesn't like that!
Gold distressed board with black and aqua vinyl,
cream flowers, gold buttons and black feathers.
Gold distressed board with black and red vinyl, with red flowers,
gold buttons and black feathers.

Gold distressed board with black and red vinyl, gold buttons and black feathers

Established boards range starting from $25 up to $35 depending on the embellishments and size of the board. They are great gift ideas and can be custom to anyone's design taste.

Grey distressed board w/ Black and white vinyl
perfect for any Wedding Gift!
Grey distressed board with black vinyl
great house warming present!

This is the actual cabinet front from this families current kitchen decor so it matched perfectly!
$25 for the finished board or $12 for just the vinyl

Black distressed board with cream and white vinyl
w/ lots of cute embellishments

Black distressed board with cream and white vinyl...very classy!
If you would like to place an order or have questions please email at and I will respond quickly.

*All the wood used in these projects are high quality cabinet fronts and vary in size/shape. I can't guarantee exact duplicates of a previous order due to the variety of the wood supply. Orders take between 7-10 days once approval of proof is received, can pay by cash or check made payable to Callie Valentine!*