Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Ridiculously Fabulous Boutique!!

Alright Ladies and Gents...It's time to mark you Calendars for this Ridiculously Fabulous Boutique! Only 1 more week and the fun begins!! There will be so many fabulous items to choose from for yourself, your children and other family members! Like the title says...Ladies and Gents, it's not limited to just the women! There's going to be over 30 vendors...check them out at La-di-da-designs.com. The idea behind this boutique is to come shop and purchase like a regular department store...giving you the chance to pay with Cash or Debit/Credit and not to worry about writing 15 different checks for 15 different vendors! There will be door prizes, yummy food and fancy toe glittering as well! You'll have 3 days to shop so come check it out!

Here are just a few of the items that will be available at the Ridiculously Fabulous Boutique... Others are just recent projects Valentine Decor has had the privilege of making for all their wonderful followers such as yourself!! Keep the orders coming!! The holidays are just around the corner!

Thank You board for a bride & groom's "thank you's" they will be sending out! Very clever and original! Black distressed board w/ white vinyl.
Family-Love one Another Black distressed board w/cream flower in cream/white vinyl.
Home-Where our story begins. Black distressed board in red and white vinyl...any embellishments can be added for a few extra bucks!
Family-Together Forever Black distressed board w/ dark red flower and black disco button in White and Red vinyl.
Family-Love one Another in brown w/ cream flower and gold button in white/cream vinyl.
Eiffel Tower-pink distressed board in black vinyl w/ wall hanging hooks
The Davie's Family-Dry erase calendar in black vinyl...custom vinyl for any last name and home decor
w/ black frame $50
just vinyl $30

Holiday Decor!!

Thanksgiving-count your many blessings in cream and orangie fall vinyl.
Season's Greetings-Distressed board w/ green striped wire ribbon "through" the top of the board in gold shimmer vinyl (alternative style than previously shown)

"Noel" blocks- green blocks and black ribbon w/ red rhinestones accents these cute Holiday blocks!
Noel- hanging Noel sign on red distressed board in Christmas green vinyl with coordinating red wire.
Jingle Bells Blocks- Green blocks w/ silver and red accents in Red vinyl with red "fuzzy pom-poms" and rhinestones!
Ho!HO!Ho! Santa Board- This board can be made custom with any saying inside the present. White distressed board w/ Santa in red vinyl, hung w/ Santa Trim wire ribbon!
Harvest- Dark Brown stain in Cream vinyl w/ beautiful cream flower arrangement and gold button
Happy Halloween- Distressed Orange board w/ glossy center for extra "pop"
$20 (discounted due to past holiday)
Happy Halloween- Black distressed board with Orange polka-dot scrapbook paper, in black vinyl with black scalloped ribbon as accents
$25 (discounted due to past holiday)

"Word" Christmas Tree- "May the spirit of Love, the beauty of Hope, and the blessings of Peace, be your gifts this Christmas Season! Green crackle and distressed board in White vinyl w/ picture accents and cute candy cane ornament topped off w/ red wire ribbon hanging it! This is the top selling Christmas Item and very original!!
Believe- Silver charger in red vinyl with fancy wire Christmas ribbon and red rhinestone accents. It sits perfect on any easel or picture stand.
* Any of the items you see or order can include wall hanging hooks for an additional $2. All of the wood used are unfinished Cabinet doors and may have small imperfections on the backs. (ie: screw holes from hardware, plastic pieces or scratches) However, NOTHING affects the front side of the board or the designs! Sizes/styles also may vary due to availability of wood.
* I will also be compiling an email list for those who would like to be informed of up coming boutiques, give-aways or design ideas! Please feel free to leave your email and I will delete it once I've added it to the list. As always...leave any comments or thoughts of what you'd like to see. I love your input! Thanks for Shoppin' by!!


  1. WHY are you so cute!? I'm with Bree, I love all of these!

  2. It was so good to meet you at the boutique! I LOVE my board! You're so cute!

  3. How do we order from you? I love the "Word" Christmas Tree piece!